So I watched your whole video (i dont know if people still do that here) the lead guitar work was good, and i liked the electric parts boxed up in the corner, (tho it would be nice to see your face in that shot too. I think there's a bit to much reverb in your voice? Did you add any or do any eq work? Maybe play around with those a bit, i think with less reverb and a different eq curve it could sound richer and nicer. You sing and play simultaneously very well, all in all not to bad.

You should check out my video, im in a pink floyd tee as well.

Good to see a live vocal/gtr performance like this as opposed to edited tracks with a later vocal lip sync. Expressive singing. It's all pretty tight rhythmically, especially for live vocal/gtr. Vocal could have a couple dB cut around 2 kHz. A little pitchy in spots, really good intonation for much of it. Ac gtr could have more body to the sound... it's just being picked up by the vocal mic? Lead gtr lines sound good but could cut through more. Overall, nice work.
Caw, Tim and David thanks guys appreciate the feedback!

Im still a newbie when it comes to audio production but im getting there, sometimes I use too much verb other times not enough, just gotta find that ever elusive sweet spot!

Also the singing is new to me I started taking it serious about two months ago, im by no means a great singer but I have a helluva lot of fun doing it and seeing my progress!
As long as a musician is always making progress its great to see the effort.

I watch some of my covers from 2 years ago and see where I am now, where I've progressed. Its a journey. Don't Stop Believing. LOL.