My friend attempted to change the strings on his RG350DX today (with the Edge III trem), but had all the strings break at once on him. The trem just sank backwards, and is so stiff that it's impossible to use the trem arm to bring it parallel with the body again. I've never changed the strings on a floyd before, so I'm not sure what I should do. Should I loosen the strings in the back first?
The key is to remove one string at a time. At this point I would remove/slacken the springs, block the trem (google it, its easy), then restring and make adjustments from there.
Did you use a lighter gauge of strings than what was on there in the first place?

Loosen the springs in the back cavity, just enough so it's level with the body.
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you need to block the trem before you take all the strings off. that's the problem (don't worry, it's a quick, easy fix, i did that first time i changed strings on a floyd too and was worried i'd killed my guitar )

dive on the bar till the bar is where it should be (parallel to the top of the guitar). Jam something rigid under the trem to keep it parallel (be careful not to scratch the guitar). restring again as normal. once you're tuned up, the tension of the strings should balance the springs and it should stay level (or close enough to level and then you can tweak it to get it perfect).

EDIT: yeah if it's so stiff the trem arm won't work, loosen the springs in the back trem cavity. and then do what i said above.
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