I see ads for them all the time in Guitar Player Magazine.

I sort of think it's "Guitar Hero" without the "Play Station" (or whatever console that game is attached to). That's just a rush to judgment based solely on the similarity of the lighting strategy.

They don't make a lefty, so right away they're on my shit list.

The idea of the machine being able to teach you, and correct your mistakes is kind of intriguing. Interacting with an AI seems to help learning in other arenas.

I don't know, first I'd hit the "Fretlight" home page: http://fretlight.com/ and then decide if the things they're going to offer you are things you either don't know, or would like to learn.

You can't get burned too bad with the low end pieces, and if if doesn't work out, you can always give it to a young person that wants to learn to play, and come out a hero.
oh, i'm not thinking of one for myself. i'd never heard of them and just stumbled across one. i was curious as to if others may have found it to be a useful learning tool. i agree that it would probably help get the mechanics down but would fall short on the little( most important) things.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I think they may be on to something with the way you can get the guitar to show you all different chords all over the neck. That's gotta be a marked improvement over translating them from chord diagrams to hand.

The system seems like the guy that teaches "easy piano" on PBS at fundraising time. (Which is now all the time).

He preaches "ignore the complex bullshit", and just get the song "under hand". So, chords on the left hand, melody on the right. This won't prep you for the conservatory, but you probably will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. At least as long as your expectations are somewhat realistic.