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"art crawl"

cascade and create
but never imitate,
my meticulous wrist
flicks paint like a
patent process.
it's a sure and slow workflow,
but i like the cold catharsis.
brain-draining 'til there's
nothing left to sketch.
just rage,
softly staining pages.

nearing the edge of canvas,
i pity what the witness won't salvage.
my vision, rolling free:
architect in a dream
silence the critics,
hear positive crickets
as each battle bursts
from the tips of my fingers.

this artist's heart
won't wash off:
brushstroke blues
released too soon.
Even though I'm always wary of "art about art"-type things because they're kind of played out, this one has a really pleasant rhythm to it; great to read. My only other critique is that the imagery leans on the literal side in some places ("I pity what the witness won't salvage", "my meticulous wrist flicks paint"), but that's well-addressed in other places.
I enjoyed the word choice and overall feel quite a bit. The ending felt a bit like an anti-climax to me. It didn't seem conclusive to me; maybe I just don't get it. The last four lines especially didn't quite feel like they fit the topical progression that the rest of the poem was following. Either you'd made your point before you stopped writing or you still haven't quite gotten there yet.

Anyways, overall: the content is pretty good but I don't know if I like how its structured. I like how it sounds though, which is more important than content sometimes, at least to me. Keep at it!