Hey everyone, I've got an issue here and I am having a hard time figuring out what's wrong.

I just bought a new used amp yesterday. A Peavey Classic 50 410. I bought it off a craigslist guy. When I played it at his house, everything seemed fine. The amp sounded good and came through loud and clear. I bought it. The amp is old but appears to be in great shape.

I brought it home and started jamming around on it and messing with settings. I play an Epiphone Les Paul custom. It's about six years old and I've never had problems with it. With my old amp, I exclusively used my bridge pickup. And now that I think of it, when I tested the amp I only used the bridge pickup. Tonight I decided to switch around to experiment with sounds. When I switched to the neck pickup, the sound was incredibly weak. On both channels, there is sound coming through but it just sounds like shit and is really quiet. When I switch back to the bridge pickup, I'll hear some cracks and it goes back to sounding great and loud.

What I'm worried about is this: I can't really figure out what's wrong. I'm not sure if the new amp I have is messed up or if something is wrong in my guitar. Could a wire be loose somewhere? I know the basics about guitars and amps. I can identify the parts but I have never needed to perform a complex repair on my own. So when it comes to talking tech I would i.d. myself at intermediate.

If you think you know what's wrong let me know. It's just hard because since the amp is brand new and I'm unfamiliar with it. I really rarely use the neck pickup. Really rarely. So even with my old amp I may not have noticed if something was wrong with my neck pickup.

If you can help out at all thanks.
Like I said I have been unusually fortunate to never have any problems with a guitar or amp before...literally none. Which is good but also bad because I don't know a whole lot about fixing stuff now.
It just sounds like your pickup switch is gone. Same thing happened on my G400 but I have yet to get around to fixing it.

The part is about $10, so if you're willing to learn how to fix it, you can save a few dollars. Or you can take it to a shop. Here in Winnipeg it's about $45/hour for a tech to really do anything, although I can't see replacing a switch taking more than an hour.
Sounds like maybe you just have your neck pickup volume rolled down, and you're just getting residual bleed from the bridge pickup. Can't positively say that's what's happening here, but I know this is what happens with my Michael Kelly Patriot. I keep my neck volume rolled down the whole time mostly, and if I need a quick clean, it comes in handy.

Go see if that's your problem, TS.
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It's definitely not an amp problem. It's almost certainly a loose wire in the guitar. Might be the switch, too, sometimes those get dirty or the contacts bend.

Reworking the solder joints for the neck pickup ought to fix it. If not, the pots would be the next thing to check.
I'd say the switch is the most likely problem, squirt a bit of contact cleaner in there.
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Another vote for dirty pickup selector switch. I also had a similar problem with a dirty Volume pot as well... just clean out all of the controls... if ya gotta do one anyway....
First thing to look at on a guitar with that issue is the selector switch. Especially for an Epiphone. Try spraying some contact cleaner into it as you work it back and forth. If that doesn't solve it then replace the switch.

If everything works in the bridge position, then that would be your best bet. It can't hurt to gave a look over at all your wiring while you are at it just in case.
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