I just bought this guitar at a garage sale as a hobby guitar to work on. I have grown curious as to what kind of guitar it is. there is no label that i can see through the holes. nothing on the neck or on the back. there is a number 5 that looks to be written in marker on the inside of the guitar.
any ideas as to what i have?

I have attached a photo of both the head of the guitar and the body.

Thanks Guys!
guitar head.jpeg
neck .jpeg
Well....Without anything further, we can tell you that it's a flat-topped guitar that has been made to look like an arch-top... With the trapeze tailpiece and the F-holes.
It's not a true arch-top as the fretboard is attached to the top and level.
The floating bridge/saddle is missing.
It appears to be in rather bad shape, but might clean up.

It's likely a cheap guitar, a lot of these sorts were imported from Germany from outfits like Hofner.
One way to tell is to look at the top's wood section along the sides of the F-holes. You should be able to see if the top is plywood or not.

It can probably be cleaned up and made playable.... A new bridge can likely be found in the junk-parts box of any decent music store.
looks like an old harmony....?
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