I come from the kinds of songs that
were too forward thinking for the
oldies stations, and too old for
classic rock radio.

Or at least I say that as if
I knew anything about that era.
Remember when long hair was a statement?
...I don't.

But I'll put the feeling into some small
one word statement
with some deep-pond feel, maybe with a
picture of Jim Morrison behind it, watermarked
in some sublime font. Put it on instagram.
Pops up on my facebook feed. Like it.

Reddit Philosopher.
Yeah, even though I agree with it, I'm not feeling this one. It seems kind of petty and (from a rhetorical perspective) shallow. But maybe that was what you were going for, contrasting the "deep-pond" first stanza with the more mundane tone of the rest.
I like how the first stanza fits together in terms of flow, along with giving "one word statement" and (especially) "...I don't" their own lines. To keep the "some" repetition going, maybe replace "Jim Morrison" with something with "some" ("some old icon" for a crappy example).