Can anyone recommend a video or some tabs for stoner rock licks? I guess some bluesy rocky, black sabbathy type stuff would also be welcome. I think I'm doing ok going up and down some scales, but picking up some licks would no doubt help.
What exactly are you looking for that you can't get by looking up tabs and videos of stoner rock songs?
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I'm looking for a neatly organized collection of common, useful licks. Just wading through a ton of stoner rock songs hunting for licks and figuring them out is not as effective as working with a dvd where someone has already done that. I guess it would be great for my ear if I did go and do as you suggested, but unfortunately I don't really have the time to spend on such a task. As mentioned, I'm satisfied with my progress in scales and theory, but I really need to expand the muscle memory in my fingers so I can pull out little combos of notes, slides and bends, and short little rhythmic patterns. I expect a licks collection video to have lots of this, but the few videos I glanced at were not so good. That's why I'm asking for a recommendation.
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Mate learn some solos you like. Divide those solos into mulitiple parts and now you have your lick library.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Good luck finding a 'neatly organized collection' of stoner riffs

there is always the old Tony Iomi Metal Madness video on youtube in full. His BC Rich Ironbird is so sick (it's the 80's and he bashes Gibson in the vid) and he has a beer on top his amp at all times.
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Amazon has a Black Sabbath anthology book. It has about 20+ songs from all across the board. I have it myself and liked to get blazed while playing. The tab is very accurate and I recommend it.