In the meantime, the yoga instructor and Extra correspondent is embracing pregnancy and all that does - and doesn't - come with it. "I'm not craving anything bizarre," she says. "I think it's because I eat so well. I've been waiting for the pickles and ice cream to come, but they haven't."

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As for a big adjustment, Hilaria has had to give up her rigorous workouts. "I've toned it down a lot. I don't do as much cardio," she explains. "This is about her. I can't get my heart rate up too high because my doctor told me babies can't sweat. So I just try to do a lot of toning exercises and yoga."

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Pregnant or not, there is one must-have for Hilaria: her high heels.

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"I'm always in heels and now I have so much extra weight so when I'm not wearing them, my foot stretches and it hurts," she says. "So even around the house I have them on. I'm the only pregnant woman who feels better in heels."