Hello everyone, I've recently been getting into drum programming, and have been trying to make midi tabs for the drums for different songs. However, I've been having a very difficult time trying to match the tempo to the songs and getting the time signatures to work out.

I have looked over many "this is how you find tempo / this is how to determine time signatures" types of posts, but it seems that reading 5 posts yields 4 different versions of "this is the correct way".

These are some links to a song that I think exemplifies a lot of the difficulties I have been having (a song with time changes, and slow, moderate, and fast sections)

Dream Theater - Panic Attack:
[forbidden link]

Guitar Pro tab (with drums)
[forbidden link]

In browser tab (no drums)
[forbidden link]

-The guitar pro tab seems right on the money, but I don't think I would have determined that there are no actual tempo changes, and I'm sure that I would have gotten at least a few of the time signature changes wrong - which would then of course throw off the final tempo count. Speaking of that, how do you know when to count a time sig. as something like 12/16 (as found in this song) as opposed to 6/8? (I know that a section played at a given tempo at either of those two time sigs ends up being the same, but when you count the beats to get bpm, wouldn't that decision have the potential to radically alter the bpm of the entire song?)

So, how would you guys approach a song like this? And do you have any resources that really helped you understand how to determine tempo and time signatures?

Thanks for reading this wall of text, I appreciate it.