What's going on people? Wasn't sure where to post this as I don't really find myself in the forums here too often, but here goes.

Basically, I'm probably going to be moving to Florida next summer. The Jensen Beach area to be specific, but really I would just like general knowledge of how the music scene of Florida is.

What kinds of genres are the most bands playing? Is there a variety of different styles? Are the bands more tight-knit or is it strongly based on cliques? Do bands around Florida travel around state to play shows together often or to the neighboring states? I suppose these are somewhat broad questions as it may depend on the band and what kind of fanbase they've developed.

I'm looking for areas that have a strong punk/metal/hardcore scene but I'm curious as to whatever information you guys have really. I don't know a whole lot about the music scenes in the lower 48 and how they work because I've lived in Alaska most of my life and have been going to shows here in Eagle River and Anchorage where pretty much everyone knows everyone and you know what to expect all the time.

I want to know these things because I'd like to get involved when I end up going down there, and I also want to develop some connections to possibly try and help some of my friends get booked when they decide to start touring. I know that sounds crazy, but 2 bands that I am friends with just started their tour a few days ago, they're driving through Canada to play in some of the states and then circling back. People here are motivated!

I'd be happy to see if you guys could throw me some local Florida band suggestions too and which promoters for which venues in whatever areas are easy to talk to (if there are any even like that).

I apologize for any grammatical errors, pointless ramblings, and whatever else people may want to pick this apart for. And if there is a specific place I should be posting this in, then feel free to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: This goes for the 21+ crowd AND all ages situations both.
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