Budget? - £500

Genres? - I play metal, pop punk, hardcore punk. Semi-cleans are very important - think older Lost Prophets type of clean (No jokes please). Also really like the Four Year Strong tones.
I'm more of a lower/rhythm guitarist in the band so nothing too thrashy & something with crystal clear bass.

New or Used? - USED!

Home or Gig? - Gig only

Closest City? - UK, I'll drive pretty much anywhere for a bargain

Current Gear? - ESP Eclipse, Valveking 212, Tubescreamer, Noise Gate & plenty of effects

Due to transport & gigs etc, I'm only prepared to look at a 212 combo or head + quarter stack.

I'm not a fan of the Peavey 6505 / 5150, so please don't suggest them

Must haves are an FX loop, two channels with full EQ (non of this Orange amp 'shape' crap). I'm fairly picky with my tone.

Been looking into an old JCM 800 or maybe I could put up with the Orange Thunderverb 50 & put an EQ in the FX loop.

All suggestions welcome! (Except any 6505 ones :P)
If you feel lucky, and/or need more gain, go for a Bugera
-1990, copy of the JCM900,
-333XL, copy of the ENGL e530
-Trirec, copy of the Dual Rectifier

If you don't, what about these?
-Jet City JCA100H/JCA50H
-Blackheart BH100H
Name's Luca.

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