Hi guys, my Electro Voice RE2 broke, and when I sent it in to be serviced they said it would cost a whopping 200$ just to make it operate in the frequencies that are legal because the FCC changed their rules.

Now that is just way to much to pay for it to get rebanded and possibly not even fixed (I was never on the illegal frequencies and it just stopped working mid show).

So I'm looking into alternatives because I am leaving shortly to go on tour.

Now I found two units I may be interested in, but I want your opinions if possible

Sennheiser EM-1 unit, which I CANNOT find online, but I am currently borrowing from my friend. I've only used it live once and had no problems.
Asking 125

And a Shure T3-CA asking only 60. Obviously the price is attractive, but I'm finding little online about both units. And Ebay puts this one at starting bids $10 and some buy it knows around 300.

EDIT: There is also A shure PG 4 for 150 that I know little about.

Any input? I know you pay for what you get, but the Sennheiser looks pretty solid, just haven't ever used the SHure.
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