I was offered to trade my Jekyll and hyde for a fulldrive 2 mosfeet
I think it sounds good because I always though that the distortion on my jekyll and hyde sounded a bit weak, and I only up to about Nirvana in heaviness anyway. I liked the jekyll and hyde's overdrive, but I want more options. Does this deal, with no cash involved, sound fair to you? Also how similar are the OD's of the two pedals. I never compared them side by side Thanks
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i've never tried either, but i'm guessing the ods on them are pretty similar since the jekyll is basically a glorified tubescreamer, and the fulldrive is a slightly-more-glorified tubescreamer/sd1 type of thing.

and yeah you're getting the better end of that deal, in terms of the worth of the things, anyway.
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