Finally getting around to reviving this old track. Hopefully this time around I can finish it once and for all and move on to some newer ideas I've been throwing around. One of the things I really like about this song is it is relatively simple, but still catchy and melodic. It's almost done, however the middle section (measure 110-158) I feel still doesn't flow right with the rest of the song. We definitely want to retain some of the heaviness there but aren't sure how to transition in and out of those riffs, and if they even sound good in the song thoughts?
8. Hunter & the Prophet.gp5
Kurzweil K2500xs
110-158 doesn't sound good compared to the rest because it's... well, "Heavy Sh**", as you called it. The other parts sound more upbeat and less heavy. Overall, I liked it, but you'd better rewrite the middle section and use it for other song.