hey, has anybody owned an omen 6 and switched out the .022 cap for a .047, or maybe a .1? if anybody has done this and has any opinions to share on tonal change, it would be appreciated. also if someone has switched the tone or volume pot for a 1 meg or even a 250k and has an opinion, it would also be appreciated.
What are you trying to accomplish?

The effects of these types of changes are pretty well documented, the properties of physics don't change based on the guitar...
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ive just read several posts on various forums about people making certain alterations like ive suggested on one guitar and being very fond of the tonal change. then make the same alteration to another one of their guitars and not preferring the change. for example alot of people find a .1 cap gets too bright too quick, especially with a 250k pot and even more so with a single coil pick-up. also some people find humbuckers with a 250k vol. pot weak and with less drive than a 500k and too brittle with a 250k tone pot. the properties of physics dont change, but given a certain subject, additions or eliminations of properties due to altering or alternate factors change the outcome of the subject. with all the different options for body's, neck's, fretboards, bridges and electronics, i dont see how the guitar isn't a factor. you must agree you wouldnt think les paul or tele, ehhhh, whats the difference.
i was thinking of a switching the .022 cap for a .047 and maybe the 500k tone pot for a 1 meg to try to achieve a brighter tone with a broad range. i was also thinking about switching the vol. pot to a 1 meg, cuz i play a good amount through amplitube and would like to try to get more volume and drive with perhaps less feedback. i just enjoy experimenting with electronics.
How are you getting feedback through amplitube? Are you playing through loud speakers?

If you are, changing to 1meg volume pots isn't going to help. Plus, a 1meg pot doesn't give you that much more volume and drive. It's a very small difference. Can you not just boost the input on your amplitube?

Anyway, if you really enjoy experimenting with electronics, why not actually experiment? Get a few caps and a few pots and go nuts. They're not exactly expensive.
im not sure what it is. i didnt have the problem with my desktop, although it was $200 pci sound card, while im using integrated on my laptop right now. but i have to reduce the input in amplitube as it is now. possibly a driver problem. i havent experimented with a 1 meg pot yet, so thanks for your input. wanted to here peoples opinions before i did.