Hello, I am new to electric guitar....my focus is electric blues. I have been taking lessons for 4 months. I am home practicing tonight and came across an issue which I will bring up to my teacher, but in the meantime......how do I know what strumming pattern to use for a song when I am trying to learn it. For now, I go on to YouTube and see if anyone has a tutorial for the song and try to figure it out from that as well as try to figure it out from listening to the song..........I realize this will come in time, but how do I figure it out now? Thanks
You'd probably get more replies posting this in "Guitar Techniques" rather than here.

There's no easy answer for how to find strumming patterns, the best way is to listen to the song very closely and listen for the timing of the strums. Try to get into and understand the rhythm and feel of the song. It's easier to pick up if you slow down the song to something like half speed (some media players can do this, there's lots of other software that can help).
Usually the strumming hand will go up/down even when not hitting the strings, this helps in knowing whether strokes are up or down (however when your ears get better, you will actually hear the higher strings being played first).
You shouldn't need to rely on tabs or tutorials to figure it out, but I do remember having troubles with this when I was new as well so you definitely get better at it with practice.

If you linked or mentioned the name of the song we'd probably be able to help, but I understand you want to figure it out for yourself.