Anyone know what this guitar is? The mid boost wasn't wired in when I bought it and I'm hoping to find out what the guitar is so I can wire it properly. The neck is a replacement and the body has been refinished so I don't have any markings to id it. The floyd rose is licensed and does not have a model or patent number. The neckplate has a serial number on it which is 9000XXX. The body is significantly smaller than a Jackson dinky and is slightly arched/contoured.

Actually, now that I reread the original post, I'm sure it's a Dana 2. Looks exactly like the 1984 Dana 2 pictures (front and back) if you search for Alvarez Dana 2 on Google.
Awesome, thanks Preacher!!! I think you are right...now I just have to find the wiring diagram. Thanks again.
That part I can't really help you with. I think I have one in my Dana Scoop (which, by the way, is similar and why I knew to check Alvarez), but I can't tell how it's wired up exactly and don't want to pull it out to find out.

However, this MIGHT be of some use: DSR-5 Wiring Diagram

I got that from Dana Sutcliffe a while back when I was doing some work on mine. Might be of some help if you have the same thing.
Can't thank you enough preacher...not a direct match...I think the DanaIII had both tone knobs wired to the board but... the DSR5 is the same and I think I can tell what the wiring is supposed to do from the pic. I really appreciate the help!!!