Waht? Is that a cannabis leaf icon you chose for this song? I was expecting a weed song, damn it!
Nah, just kidding. Coming from me, the guy who made the Do a Doobie music video, ha ha!
Anyway, solid riffs through out!! And just when I was really getting into it....it ends. You did that to me before with one of your other songs too :-(
I like your riffs, but this one I think could be expanded upon to make the song longer, maybe by writing/adding a contrasting section (B), and then alternating sections somehow.
Your drums sound mid-rangy EQ wise, but I think I remember that you said you like that sound, which is perfectly fine, and it seems to work well here.
Anyway, good riffs--just wish the song was longer. Could you go to my thread and leave a comment there: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1602769
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