Lately ive been questioning my screaming technique

Im sure i use my diaphragm correctly but the part i might be messing up on is in the throat area.

When i scream I feel a popping sensation at the bottom of my throat like if i was eating pop-rocks or soda was felt there (or like the grudge sound that comes from the bottom of the throat). I control my screams to either produce a high scream or low scream if i tighten my throat a bit or less, It doesn't necessarily hurt it just feels tender in a way and so far its been sounding better and louder with more distortion. Although sometimes i get sore throat and sometimes it does hurt.
I drink plenty of water and smooth liquids to coat my throat.

Once i tried screaming without using my throat but i ended up sounding really airy and my voice gave out after a couple songs. My voice now does not give out unless i dont scream for sometime or force my screams too much. I warm up everytime before screaming to relax my throat as well and even sing scales.

Vocalists i try and imitate are Alex Koehler (Chelsea Grin), Chadwick Johnson (Hundredth), and Landon Tewers (The Plot In You). Kind of the Hardcore scene i guess.

Could my technique be wrong and be harming my throat?
Please Help! Any tips are awesome!
I'm not familiar with those bands but a lot of them use false chord if I recall correctly. A little tenderness is part of the learning process. Youre not going to blow your voice over night but you can cause significant damage over time if you don't give yourself breaks to heal.

Now on to technique. It sounds like you are using a fry based technique. And frankly it sounds like you are doing a decent job of it. Its finicky and can hurt if youtweak your throat. Can you get us a clip? Also, I have a slightly different spin on fry and the tutorial for it is in my profile if you would like to listen. I'm more than happy to help you get on your way.

If you are hoping to do some of the more low beastly growls at any point, ala amon amarth or tbdm or most other death metal vocalists you'll need to learn false cord. Its a bit easier to start out but more difficult to master without causing minor injury.

Hope I helped. Next time visit the growling thread. Growling operators are standing by to take your post with a smile and a snarl. Come to the darkside, we have cookies.
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