I wanted to kind of step out of my comfort zone and ask if anyone could recommend some guitar solos for a beginner?

I wanna start learning lead.
Possibly the first whole song I learned was Saria's Song from Legend of Zelda: OoT. Maybe its not the kind of "solo" you had in mind, but its a good bit of lead practice.

Also, the main theme for the NES Legend of Zelda has some nice lead as well. Once you get better, have a go at figuring out the backing melody (its quite a bit harder).

The Gerudo Valley tune from LoZ:OoT is pretty cool as well. (its actually guitar too)

Hell, lots of LoZ stuff is good for a beginner.
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The first solo I learnt was Let it Be by The Beatles. (Album version). It is a relatively easy solo to play.
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^ lol...game much?

Not really, I just noticed that LoZ tends to have good music which isn't that hard to play.

How is that funny?
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Damn, lot of good ideas here. Thanks guys.

Yeah, Zelda has some good music.

Really digging Let It Be and More than a Feeling. Will check out Fade to Black.

Sorry for not being more specific about music preference, Tempoe, I'm a folk music and punk rock/alternative roc kind of guy. Anything power chordsie.

Thing is, I tend to strum a lot and wanna get into the lead so these suggestions will help. Will start tomorrow ASAP.

Thanks again, ya'll.
Folk music and power chords-like, huh?

Well, a few Fleet Foxes songs have some cool little solos/fills. I thought White Winter Hymnal and Sun It Rises had especially cool fills.

As for the power chords thing, try checking out No Trust and Till I Get My Way by The Black Keys. Those two songs in particular have awesome fills inbetween power chord strokes.

I have tabs for both of those BK songs up on here, and I know there are tabs for the Fleet Foxes songs up here as well.

Anyways, hope this helped and best of luck!
Comfortably Numb isn't very difficult and it leaves some room for improv. You could also try the first solo in Powerslave or Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) by Iron Maiden.
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I have just the song for you.

Society by Eddie Veddar.

Folky. Nice rhythm, easy great sounding solo. The tab seems to be 100% accurate on here too, if I remember look in the comments for any corrections as usual.
Smells Like Teen Spirit and pretty much any other Nirvana solo.
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