This song came to be while i was listening to a lot Cloudkicker, and that's more or less where i want to take this song(Djent). Still incomplete and needs some drums, just want to get some Crit to decide if ill continue it or not, and yes I'll return the favor.
hey man, pretty cool sound here!

i really liked that first riff, very soothing. only problem is it carries on for too long. id personally shorten it up. the riff starting on bar 65 is decent, could use some improvements. and im not really crazy about the riff on bar 85. doesnt really fit the melodiousness of the beginning

as for my honest opinion as a whole, the first riff would make a great intro, but not really much more. and the riff on bar 65 could be used as like an interlude or a verse, but it would need some definite tweaking. as for whether you should keep going with it, id say yes. just make sure that its going to be heavier than whats here if youre looking to make it a metal song

now, would you mind returning the favor? thank you kindly