Hey everyone,

I'm practically a beginner at guitar. I mostly listen to metal, so that's the tone I'm looking for, something aggressive. Currently, I have a Line 6 Spider Micro for my amp and all effects come from that.

I have had a hard time trying to get a good metal tone out of that, but it might be because I don't know what I'm doing. I know other models of Spider amps can get some pretty good sounds, though I haven't seen many play the amp I have.

Can what I have work? Or would I need a different amp to get a tone good metal tone? (And I'm sorry for saying metal tone so generically, I listen bands like Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, and Megadeth, but also Obscura, Death, Beyond Creation, etc.)

The guitar I use has EMG's. A lot of people like EMG pickups but I've definitely seen quite a few people who don't prefer them, but I've experienced EMG's enough to say that they shouldn't get in the way for me right now.

Thanks you to everyone who looks at this.

Also, I've seen the Line 6 Pod a lot. It seems really convenient to get sounds, there are a lot of patches for specific tones available on the internet and seems to be a pretty solid way to get a good sound. What do you all think about it in general, and if you think it would help me specifically.

Again, sincerely thank you for reading this and sorry if I seemed very off or incorrect about anything here, I'm new and don't understand this very well yet.

Edit: Also, if there's any information that's also important that I did not touch on, please let me know and I'll update you with it.
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Pods are pretty decent.

Spiders are junk. The micro Spider is just macro junk.

I'd get a Pod or something like a Peavey Vypyr.

If you want serious amp help then follow the guides and info in the Rules and Resources sticky

POD HD or Peavey Vypyr.

Both work well for metal. If you can afford it get te Vypyr 60. If not a Vypyr 30. Anything small an you have less than a 12 inch speaker.
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Thank you for the advice!

I've definitely heard a lot of recommendations for the Peavey Vypyr. I've heard the Vypyr 15 and didn't think it sounded that bad. My concern is about whatever I get is that I don't want it to be blaring loud, not until I can actually play anyhow. How heavily do you think I should put that into consideration? Would I be holding myself back?

I'm glad you specifically mentioned the Pod HD. There are a lot of models of pods, and I don't understand the differences with them immediately. What are their limitations and specialties? Is HD the go-to model? Any information to clear that up would be fantastic.

Thank you guys, again. I really appreciate the help.
It really doesn't matter a whole lot what amp you get as far as loudness is concerned, most of them will get pretty loud. Playing at practice volume just means using the volume knob.

It really depends on your budget. The spider isn't great, but if you can live with it until you can afford a good tube amp, that would be my suggestion.

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That's true. My little spider I felt was pretty loud, but I can't get any closer to it, that's why. And I realize that any volume this little thing is nothing compared to those big ass Marshals and Diezels.

As for budget, I've been considering what I'd be willing to spend. Right now I was just going for some general information to get me started for the search, but it seems I've got some good answers already. I was hoping to see what the potential costs would get to then decide what's in my park.

One thing I've definitely considered is that both options would allow me to plug in a headset into it for the output so that only I can hear it.
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My Roland Micro Cube can get loud enough to annoy people around the house lol, just keep the volume low. With that being said, I'll throw out a recommendation for the Cube. You could look into the larger ones: 20, 40, or 80 for more features. I'd suggest those or a Vypyr 30/60.

Also, if you like playing Metallica, the larger Cubes put out a pretty convincing 'JC120' clean tone. (The amp Metallica used for cleans)
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