Introducing the Schecter Stargazer.

I ordered this used off the Guitar Center website and had it sent to the store. When I went to pick it up I simply gave them my name and they went out back to get it. They didn't ask for ID or receipt or anything. Didn't seem all that secure . Oh well, it's not like anyone knew I was getting this anyway.

Here's some specs:

- Ash Body
- Maple Neck
- EMG active 2-band EQ
- EMG-Hz J/MM pickups

The bass feels great. Fits like a glove. The neck is a bit thicker than my soundgear bass, which I love, yet still feels comfortable. To be completely honest, I got this bass mostly for looks. Ric-ish style without the Ric sound? Awesome (Probably not for everyone though). It's also in amazing shape. Aside from old dirty strings and slight fret corrosion, I literally couldn't find a single cosmetic flaw. Previous owner must of just had this thing sit around and look pretty.

As for the tone... Well, it's versatile, I'll say that. The 2-band EQ is quite capable of shaping your tone to almost any style you can imagine. However, no matter how hard you try it always sounds like it's missing a bit of "life" I guess. I think it's the pickups, they must be straight up garbage.

Just gotta get some new pups and I'll have myself one hell of a bass. Anywho, here's some more pics.

The collection begins...
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Looks sweet! Congrats!

What PUs are you planning?

Don't know yet. I'm too broke at the moment anyways .

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Nice, on a side note what model is that sound gear?

'94 Ibanez SR800
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'94 Ibanez SR800

Thanks, I had one just like it I unfortunately had to sell a few years ago and never new exactly what it was, my best guess was SR800.
I played one of those a while back and was impressed. Very nice instrument. HNBD! Enjoy it!
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