Budget: $600ish USD.

I'm looking for another acoustic. I currently have a Taylor 214ce that I dig, but I feel like it's not really a "player's" neck, and I as I'm evolving as a player I'm finding that I can't really do a lot of what I want to on it.

I play mostly the styles of John Fahey or Dad Rocks! acoustically. I'm looking for a guitar that's a bit more friendly to the finger picker that spends a lot of time above the 7th fret. As far as tonality, one of my biggest beefs with the Taylor is that it's very bright. It has a lot of brilliance, and I really don't get that boomy-thud that I want. I'm looking for something with a little darker, warmer sound.

I've played a few Breedloves, specifically the C250 series, and I really dig the feel. The problem is that they're super bright, like the Taylor. Anyone know of something with a similar feel but a darker sound?

Bonus points for aesthetics like Breedloves. I really fell in love with the look.
what do you consider a player's neck? i prefer a neck what a nut that's 1 13/16' or 1 7/8" wide, and that's rounded (C or oval profile) or very soft V. to me, a neck with a little more space gives my fingers room to move, but a lot of players prefer a 1 3/4" nut as the best compromise width between 1 11/16" and the wider sizes i like.

if you're looking for a wider neck, there's the seagull original S6. beautiful sparkling highs, nice bass, a balanced tone all the way across. solid top, 1.8" nut with a rounded profile. one of my favorite solid tops and well within your price range.

if you can go up a few bucks, there are all solid, adi-topped blueridges with a 1 3/4" nut. very nice tone, too.


there are also laminate b&s versions of the adi models


recording king has all solid guitars in your price range, and their 000 models sound great and have 1 3/4" nuts.
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As the OP said, more like the Breedlove style necks. I do very much enjoy a Soft-V, though.