Hi there! here's my first complete mix of my own song. Any tips on mixing are welcome as well as on the song itself.


I have used Dean Hardtail, my amp (custom made) and V-amp 2. To make the drums I used acoustica beatcraft and all was mixed in Mixcraft.

and... don't mind the picture

For a first one it really rocks.

Concerning the mixing, I have nothing to advice you, everything sounded good, there were only sometimes some very minor timing errors that didn't bother the listening. The solo was good in terms of mixing, now the only comments we can do is on the composition.
At first I thought "it's not my kind" but then came the 38th second and I began finding it good
The solo during the clean guitar part was well thought, but the chorus is really the epiciest thing. Ithink the solo would deserve an other kind of disortion, more reverb maybe, and the transition after it is a little bit weak :P
And the main riff... I don't really like it but it's only my opinion !

So very good work, it's always a pleasure to listen to original music of good quality ! Even more when there is such an epic drawing with it. :P
(and sorry for my bad english by the way !)
That's very nice to hear, aprreciate it. I worked on the sound of the solo tried, adding some more effects but it got blurry and it stayed as it is now, however, I think i didin't give it a shot with reverb so it could be a good thought, thanks!
As a first shot this is light years better than mine! Your production is actually pretty good, the drums sound very good. I do recommend panning the guitars more (~72% L, R each). That'll help the mix breath more and improve the sound. Also try to get everything equal level, the guitars are slightly too loud, the snare could be a hair more prominent. Your guitar tone is a bit harsh, Try to dial back some of the treble and boost the mids slightly. Your lead tone could also be a bit smoother and slightly more quiet. Out of curiosity what are you recording the guitars with (POD Farm, an actual amp, Axe FX, etc.)?

Overall the song composition is good, I see no issues or need for criticism there. Don't take anything I said too much to heart, seriously for a first try this is killer! There's room for improvement in production, but that comes in due time and with practice and you're certainly off to a great start, keep it up
Music must be honest to be timeless.
Thanks a lot for the tips. just what I need :-) to record the guitar I have used my amp through a microphone, but only for the opening and the first riff. The rest was recorded through V-amp 2. I also added some effects afterwards during mixing.
Intro riff sounds similar in tone of 80's thrash metal or black metal, however, at 38 seconds, the chorus(?) seems to take more of a melodic metal turn, with a mix of some of those black metal-style riffs. Seems to be kind of Progressive metal all in all. The Interlude sounds lovely, but I think the guitar could have a bit of lowering at certain points. Sounds a bit raw-ish, if to describe. Otherwise, the whole bit is pretty good. I love it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Agree with the above comments, good job for a first mix but drums too quiet - additionally I'd also say reduce the panning on the cymbals, they're where the guitars usually are and vice versa. I'd also turn the bass and clean guitar up, having trouble hearing them both.