Hi all, I've been to a few gigs recently and its really inspired me to play guitar, either rock or folk. Ultimately I want to be a in a band and play gigs. I'm not niave, and I don't think it's going to make any money or anything (that's not really the point), but honestly do you think 35 is a bit old for this and maybe I should just buy myself a motorbike or something??
No way! You can avoid the playing nu-metal stage I went through as a teenager, so if anything it's a bonus.
It's the guitar!! Even 100 years old is not too old for it, unless you have arthritis, have fun! Plus my dad started guitar when he was 43 that was 7 years ago. He is an amazing player now
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i'm 45 and just started back up again less than 2 years ago. i suck and am having a ball with it !!!!
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I think I can confidently comment on your question since I have experience with both guitars and motorcycles (bikes).

A. A motorcycle can get you killed.

B. A guitar may get you killed, but it is highly unlikely in the extreme.

Seriously, I first learned to play guitar when I was about fourteen and in high school. Ultimately, after a few electrics, I wound up with an acoustic guitar. I was very serious about it for several years, but once I started working full time I got further and further away from it. One day, I put my guitar in its case and it stayed there for something like 30 years.

One day about eight years ago I was at a friend's house and was informed that his son had decided to take up guitar, having been inspired to do so by playing GuitarPro. Of course, his son brought his guitar out and began to pick at a song. Watching him struggle to get the fingering and picking right reminded me of myself years and years ago and how much fun it was to learn despite the frustrations. Soon after, I traded in my ancient acoustic for a couple of new guitars and an amp and haven't looked back. I don't gig, I play purely for my own enjoyment, but I am loving it all over again. I just took delivery of a new guitar, which makes three.

I hate to admit this, but I am sixty-four. So no, it's not too late. Jump in, have fun, you'll love it.
I returned at the age of late thirties and gigged until 48yrs, now 53

Feel too old to be out gigging at the moment but that's because I am way too busy to practice at band rehearsals etc so only play at home now

Get out their as soon as you can its the best way to learn but remember playing live isn't just playing the guitar its your job to entertain, there is a difference
56years still gigging and still riding motorcycles . Life is for living . Enjoy it