Vocals are too loud, way too loud. I recommend trying to clean up some of the bass in the guitar tracks, it's rather muddy in the low end overall. Very good mix though, the drums sound fantastic and huge. Great snare tone!

The song itself is very good, flows and progresses excellently. Very cool around 3:08, but again the vocals are just waaaaaay too overpowering.

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Music must be honest to be timeless.
Good job! very entertaining piece, sounded great. Loved the transition around 2:20
but vocals may be too loud. The performance was good, it was tightly played.

I liked the intro, upbead and somehow intense. also the whole 'plan' composition overally is very good, I mean the song unwinds well.
I can hear the influences here and there, but I mean it in the positive way

come listen to my piece if you please
I really like the slight distortion on rhythm, not too much, but still enough to hold out as strong and somewhat aggressive. Vocals are good, really brought out in the mix. Sounds good. Also like the keyboard. Reminds me a lot of Tool at some points. Around 3 minutes, the interlude gives a much more aggressive mood than the rest of the piece, but soon brings back to the same mood with the guitar solo and echoes.

Thanks for the crit man! Anyway, here's yours;

You've got some tight production going on here man - very spacious sound going on. I'm not really noticing the vocals being overbearingly loud but it's probably down to EQ.

Loving the riff at 1:28, hearing the PT influence here especially. The section at 3:08 works well as a bridge back over into the shoegazey guitar work - I'm digging it, your guitar playing is pretty tight.

You've got a big sound going on in terms of songwriting and production, keep it up.
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This is a song for my final Uni project, heavily influenced by Devin Townsend, Periphery and Porcupine Tree. Check it and other songs I've done for it out here...


First: Sorry for the longggggg C4C, I was on vacation for 4 months and just got back recently haha. Take the free bump though :P

Second: I like the vocal mix, they stand out which is good (a teenie volume down on them would be alright too). At first I thought the guitars were gonna drown the vocals (cause guitars sounded like they have too much mids), but that didn't happen. You definitely need more gain on the guitars and highs.. unless this is the sound you're actually going for. The drums are incredibly... boring lol. Try putting more grooves in there instead of a pattern that repeats for most of the song. The breakdowns are good, the bridge is good as well. I didn't like how the bridge started at first, but it gets better. I think more gain on the guitar will fix the bridge intro. Cheers