Hi guys.

Pretty simple, I have a Bad Horsie II and the 9V socket seems to be dying. If I use my power brick to power it with my pedalboard it becomes very intermittent. However if I power the Bad Horsie with a 9V battery then it all works fine.

Anything else I can troubleshoot?

Anyone have any ideas on how to actually fix it?

Well I think the Morley draws 300 mA; so depending on what the other pedals draw, the power brick may not be able to supply enough current. It's also possible that each of the outputs on the brick have a limit to what they supply.

I know that you said you tried another power supply, but was it rated for 300 mA? Have you tried using the power brick to power the Morley without the other pedals?
Yeah I tried my old power supply with the Morley and it still was intermittent.

This hasn't being an ongoing issue so I am not sure if it is anything to do with the current or anything.

Just checked, each outlet on the brick is 9V 100MA.

I don't know a lot about electronics or currents etc but I can't seem to find any information on how much the Morley takes. I would check the bottom of the pedal but there is velcro superglued on...
I just checked Morley's website, I was mistaken about the current draw. The power supply is 300 mA, but it says that the pedal itself only draws 12 mA. The power brick should be fine, so i'm not sure what's going on. Maybe a loose connection somewhere, but that's beyond my range of knowledge.
Most likely cracked solder joints around the power jack, or the connector itself has been bent out of shape inside of the jack.
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They do make adapters for the power supply that connect to the 9V battery input directly. Takes the plug on the pedal out of the equation.