hey all,
we just released our first CD and (like everyone else) would love some feedback, some "likes", maybe even one or 2 of you to drop the $8 on the disc... we're blues rock with a hint of metal. we have a youtube channel with some cuts. links to FB, twitter, iTunes, etc are all on the youtube page. 'preciate cha. long live UG!

search youtube for hammeredonlineatl or...
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I genuinely liked it. The only complaint is that the beginning of the song All Mine sounds a lil bit ripped off from Crazy Train. But your guitarwork is very creative and the drums sounded good. Some songs reminded me of Danzig (your vox sounds like Glenn)
Thanks! Very valid points. You must have uncovered some old stuff! Demos and such. We have a cd out and the only carryover from the demos is My Prison Blues. But with waaaay more production value. Listen to the cuts on the YouTube page (search "hammeredonlineatl") or just search "we are hammered" and listen to the samples on amazon, iTunes, etc

Anyway, thanks for replying!