Does anyone here is using Laney Ironheart? I'm going to buy combo (IRT60-212) and I'm asking Can I do some prog metal style sound on this tube amp?
I know it's got cold-blooded British sound… and I like it mostly. What 'bout Opeth sound or Megadeth? And eventually "SDOIT" Petrucci style (Glass Prison)? And what about cleans in that amp? :d
Keith Merrow described it as being a bit of a "proggy" amp.

If "proggy" means what I think it means...
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I've been using the Ironheart, half stack with the custom cab, for just about a year now. Laneys demand a lot time compared to "easily EQ'ed" amps, one does not simply dial in a perfect tone. It takes some time to get to know the amp, but the sounds are very much price-worthy. No you will not have the massive Mesa drive, no you cannot have the bassy fuel of the classic marshall, but yes you can produce an absolutely killer tone with the Laney. Personally I enjoy - and play - mainly prog rock/metal. Music of my own/our own demands quite a large pallette of sounds, for me the Ironheart meets a lot of the demands. With influences such as Rush, Ayreon, Dream Theater, Opeth and Death, I find this amp to be very well suited and versatile enough for some prog music. The high gain settings you can dial in are excellent. One can easily achieve the dry sound of Blackwater Park-ish Opeth. For some crunchier, chunky rhythm stuff the Laney will serve you well, but it takes some time to find the sound your looking for. Not an easily fixed amp, but well worth the work. Cleans are absolutely amazing, I've been using this with a LiquiFire pickup in the neck, and it delivers very clear cut tones, both clean and shattering distorted.

Good luck