that's a song I wrote when I saw that lots of people don't appreciate good musicians just because they're into other kind of music and are also "outta their times" what means that they make music that's not appreciated in modern times. Here's the text but wish you wanted to hear that so that's the link:


Make It

When the wind is blowin' in your face
Turn up and look on the trace
On the ground that melts to your feet
Walk straight the desert street

They say you can't sing at all
Make faults while changin' the chords
Even though that sounds good
They have to **** up your mood

You met a man, he told you that
You play it good, you play it right
And it's not your fault you make the music
That nobody listens to

He said: "Make it, make it..."

And when someday someone will
Notice that you are still
On the stage with your guitar
He'll say: "What a star"

"Make it, make it..."

As it's said in title of thread, it's a little b-side.