I'm a professional classical musician and have entered a challenge with a friend who plays guitar in a Local metal band. Basically we need to learn the others instrument in a year and at the moment the plan is to have some kind of performance with the others band (in my case) and orchestra ( in his)....! I was just wandering what guitar I should get to start/for good. Maybe a few ideas with varying price ranges ( up to about 600 quid max spend)? I hope this is in the right area of this website and that someone can help ...... If ever anyone needs tips on what French Horn to buy I'll kindly return the favor...:P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( I have an Mesaboogie Amp thingy, that my friend said was more than good enough for what I need)
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Ibanez RG or S series are good, LTD 400 series (EC or H or any 400 series)
You could score some used PRS for that price or used RG prestige.
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Used ibanez prestige. You can find a nice used one for around $500ish.
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