I've got 5 guitars currently plus a bass... 3 acoustics and 2 electrics. I'd like to get rid of one or two and buy a really nice electric guitar. I'm not sure exactly what I want though.

I've always wanted a Gibson SG, and still do, except that both electric guitars I have are HH with a TOM bridge and here I am wanting something else. Neither of my guitars (a dean hardtail, and a ltd ec-50) are a Gibson though, so maybe that thought is unfounded?

On the other hand a superstrat type of guitar would be nice although I'm not sure how much I would use the trem, and I do like to use different tunings quite often. I had a guitar with a floyd in the past and didn't use it much... but then again I wasnt much of a player back then so that may also be unfounded.

On the other hand Im a metal-head and play that 90% of the time so maybe a 7 or 8 string should be next... I've never owned a 7 or 8 string so not really sure if it would agree with me.

Just kindof thinking out loud here... anyone been in this position? What do you think?

Forgot to mention the budget for the new guitar is around the $1000 mark.
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Go to your closest guitar store and try out every guitar you can, unplugged. Then take the guitars you liked and plug them in. Put the ones you liked together, then decide from there.

Are you in a band? What bands and/or kinds of music do you listen to? Who are your favourite guitarists?
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Look around used, 1000 bucks should definitely get you some nice Superstrat (maybe a Charvel Pro Mod or some higher end Ibanez, Schecter, etc.) AND a Gibson SG (maybe not a Standard, but Specials are nice anyway).
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$1000 can buy a lot of guitar, depending.

Are you willing to go used? If so, you can probably get a Godin Velocity, Freeway SA or xTSA for about $500, all nice guitars. The Velocity is HSS, and probably has the hottest pickups of the bunch.

There are Carvins in your price range. The DC747 is a 7 string HSH that starts at just under $900.
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I've always wanted a Gibson SG, and still do, QUOTE]

Seems like you might know what you want already.
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Take a look at the Variax JTV-89. There are two versions; the 89 is a hard tail, the 89F has a Floyd. The guitar's got a 16" radius fretboard with a fairly thin, wide neck profile and 24 frets with good availability. There are two fairly high output magnetic pickups, so it's a pretty good guitar all by itself. But in addition to the standard things, you've got the entire Variax set of guitar models. But wait, there's more. With the 89 you have an almost limitless set of alternate tunings that can be utilized with a turn of the knob, and you never have to change the basic tuning of the guitar (no floppy strings, no cheese cutters) and you can be back to standard tuning instantly. This gives you tremendous versatiliy, and you can even cover a lot of the 7-string ground in terms of notes by simply tuning the bottom three strings down a bit and the top three up.