After trying out a few delay pedals in response to my thread last week, i made my decision and will be getting it soon for my birthday. NGD thread coming soon to a forum near you...

But to go with it i want to grab a decent, but cheap expression pedal!

In the UK please.
I cant justify spending almost as much as another pedal just on an expression pedal, so keep some budget in mind! What's the options in any given price range?

I saw the M-Audio one, would this get the job done as well as any other at this price range?

Cheers for any help
I bought an Alesis F2 Expression / Volume pedal (Has inputs for both) on Ebay for £15 and it works fantastically. Make of solid metal and has a some neat functions. It's probably just worth sitting on Ebay for a while, I've seen some (fairly cheap looking admittedly) expression pedal go for about the £15 mark.
I picked up a Moog EP-02 for $40AUD (about £30) on eBay, and it works wonderfully - wide range which can be adjusted with an in-built attenuator, smooth action, and sensitivity to subtle movement.

I'd recommend being mindful of whether or not the pedal is compatible with what you plan to be using though. If it intrigues you, just run a Youtube search for other players running the expression and the pedal you'll be using with it; if something comes up, you're in luck.
eBay listings have been coming up once a week or so, lately, so keep an eye out.
Cheers guys!

Yeh, compatability was something i was worried about, but i can't find much information.
The delay is a Vox Delaylab (wanted to reveal that in my NGD thread)

Apparently the moog EP-2 is a bit glitchy; doesn't track smoothly, according to one thread i read.
You guys recon the Line 6 ex-1is a good choice? It's not AS cheap as the M-Audio or Moog, but not as expensive as, say, Roland
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The $30 M-Audio EX-P works on both my Zoom and Line 6 devices.

Sweet, how's the tracking on it? I hear it works with the Vox.
Reckon it's solid for the price?

I read that the Mood expression pedal can be a bit glitchy/doesn't track smoothly on the Vox

I like that on the Line 6 the cable isn't hard-wired to the pedal (you use a separate patch cable)
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Sweet, how's the tracking on it? I hear it works with the Vox.
Reckon it's solid for the price?
The sweep seems pretty smooth. The pedal is plastic and lightweight, but doesn't appear to be failure prone.