Hello, this is my first post and also my first cover


I wanted to cover this song for a very longtime. It's the 4th track of the Amiga game "Jaguar XJ220"s soundtrack and composed by Martin Iveson.

Well... it's far from being any good. The biggest problem is that I have the crappiest headphones and speakers, so it's impossible to make a proper mix even if I knew how to do it. Anyway, I would appreciate if you have a listen

Softwares and plug-ins used:

-Reaper v4.33

-TSE808 v2.0
-FA3 Amp
-keFIR / GuitarHack Edge 45 (IR)
-EZmix 2 Reverb

Bass guitar:
-4Front Bass Module
-EZmix 2 Distorted Bass

-EzDrummer / Metal Machine
-Ezmix 2 Multiband Exciter

And another Ezmix 2 applied to master output.

By the way, If you don't know the original, I highly recommend checking that out: