Hello all, I'm sure there have been plenty of threads about this but as you know not everyone's situations is the same...so here is mine.

looking for an amp head...

have 1000 bones to piss away(wisely)

im a tech death metal/anything core/prog alternative/post modern rock guy, yet i am also looking for a delicious clean- so ill need something versatile

i need something with two channels with saperate equalizers.
most of my favorite players have dual recs, and now axe fx(axe fx is out of the question im not the rich).

i need to compete with a sun model T( have a doom guy in band who swallows my fender mustang 4 whole..hes on 3 im on 8 and i do not want to blow my amp

i play mostly leads

guitar center guy is trying to sell me Egnater Vengence...
i found an old school mesa dual rectifier for 675(no foots-witch) and also found and Engl fireball for 899(no foots-witch/no separate EQ)

so i guess im looking for HEAVY rythms, screaming leads, Beautiful angels in your ears clean....and i have a wad of cash burning a hole through a sock underneath my mattress

and yes i want tubes
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The guy at GC isn't trying to sell you any bullshit. I was thinking about buying it, also, and that's after coming here and listening to it and all. I haven't had the chance to play through it, though.

I stand by ENGL, though, and if I could afford to buy a new one, I would. Since it seems that you don't mind used, I'd say, shoot. Don't take much advice from me, though. I don't have access to playing any of these amps, so even my own buy is going on hopes and dreams, essentially. I do, however, own an ENGL e530. If it's any help, it lacks some low end and the clean channel is rather difficult because when you switch it on to it's higher-gain mode, you've gotta tweak the gain knob a bit to get it to sound good. All-in-all, if you're looking for a simple, two channel amp that does great cleans AND heavy distortion, I would go for the ENGL, if only for it's simplicity. If you want a LOT of versatility, I'd go with the Vengeance. Again, I have not had the chance to play any of the amps you're looking at. I'm only going off of my ENGL preamp and what others have told me about the Vengeance on here.

I know my post isn't going to have the best information for you, but I hope it can give you some idea of what you're looking at.

EDIT: Another thing to mention is that an Axe FX Standard isn't as far out of reach as you think. You can find new ones for around $1200.
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well now i am a proud owner of the Egnater Vengence, thanks for your help. since you are the only person that replied you get a mental fist bump!

That's weird, I've never seen this thread before and I'm on pretty much every day. =/

How is the Vengeance working for you? Did you get it from a store or eBay/Craigslist? Cause if you can return it we might be able to recommend something else if it's not working for you.
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actually my man, its awesome, the clean is superb and the dirty is just that...dirty, i played my set on it today and the only thing that i lack are some pedals. this amp is the SHIT. i got it for a discount. it was opened for a photo shoot and so i got it for 935(before tax) with the factory warranty.

however i am playing through a port city cabinet with scumback speakers(extra awesome). and i play a 2002 paul reed smith mccarty....sounds even more awesome.

side note-
off world, props to your icon im a huge coheed fan. i played the crowing though this amp and i blew my own mind.

and double props to your btbam quote!!!
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