Title says it all. I just got it and have only played on it for maybe an hour, but me being Capt. Save a Ho, I need to get some money together pretty quickly, and I'd rather sell the thing to someone who'll actually enjoy it than have it sit in a pawn shop or something.
I picked it up for $899, and it's mint, other than the mounting screws on the bridge pickup, which the factory stripped, and which of course pissed me off a bit, but shouldn't be any real issue. Anyway, looking around a bit, these seem to be going for around $700 used, but that seems kinda steep to me, as I only paid $900, and I'm motivated to make this move today or tomorrow, so I'm willing to go considerably lower, thinking somewhere around $500 if you can pick it up personally, but I'm in a position where I may take a bit less, because, like I said, I need the money now-ish.

Pics available upon request, if I can figure out how to use a pictograph machine.

Specs: Alder wings, Maple neck-thru, Ebony board, Floyd FRT 02000, Seymour Duncan JB bridge, '59 neck, 24 jumbo frets, satin black finish.

tl;dr - Selling this shit cheap, but need the money fast. Hasn't been played barely at all.
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