Found it while walking theough a 2nd hand guitar shop in melbourne australia, usually these cost $2500 second hand here but the guy wanted to get rid of it n sold it to me for $1000! To put that into perspective, I paid $1050 for a jap Jackson Performer brand new! Chinese ibanez's normally sell for $1000 here!

But nope i got the real deal! Best part to being a 1995 model is that it cane stock with Bill Lawrence pups, seems they only did that for that one year would love to know why (they sound fantastic).

All the wings are intact only problems were no whammy bar (which i bought from another store) and the high E has open buzz (guessing needs to be shimmed).

The toggle even though its just a switch it just feels so insanely high quality with how easily it flicks! The little things
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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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USA Jackson RR1
Charvel Model 6
Jackson Performer-2
Orange Dark Terror
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awesome killer price, too
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Love Jacksons to death, except my hands don't quite agree with the necks. :/ HNGD man! sounds like you got a steal
I always liked RRs. They look sleek! Happy NGD!
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Sweeeet HNGD what a great buy
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Killer guitar, man.
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Wow, nice find! Looks like a keeper, whoever sold it to the shop is a fool.
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