Hi everyone:

First time poster, relatively new on here. So I am now embarking on a project of building a pedalboard. Towards this end, I picked up an Earthquaker Devices Tone Reaper Fuzz at my local guitar shop. I loved the sound of it when trying it out in the shop. Great tone and just really awesome. considering I couldn't afford the steep price tag of the Hoof Reaper, I was happy to settle with the Tone Reaper.

However, once I got it home, I ran into a problem. I plugged the guitar end into the input and the output into the amp (basically - I tried it out by itself instead of putting it into the "temporary" board set up I have). I used a BOSS AC adaptor to power it (PP2 + not yet installed). It has power and seems to work, but the most it does is a "clean-boost" effect. To specify, it just seems to amplify the volume, rather than make a nice deep fuzz tone that I originally observed in the shop. I am so confused! Even when turning the level and fuzz levels all the way up the boost just goes up rather than any fuzz being generated.

Does anyone have any suggestions? If it helps, here is the "Temporary" pedalboard set up I am using (basically just pedals on the floor with patch cables):

guitar - DOD death metal distortion - (at the moment) EQD Tone Reaper - EHX Smallstone phaser - MXR Carbon Copy - EQD Ghost Echo - Boss RC30 Loop Station - Amp (Peavey Envoy 110).

Any information would be greatly appreciated, I don't really want to return/exchange this as I had a great experience in the store and loved the sound!

Thanks in advance!
Is it the same pedal you tried, or did you get a different one in a box or something?

Guitar's volume knob?

Tried different cables?
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The Tone Reaper should be first in your chain. Also, how are you powering it? IIRC, it shouldn't be daisy chained with normal effects. Is your guitar volume rolled all the way up?
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Sounds broken, take it back to the shop and have them prove you wrong or exchange it.

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The Tone Reaper should be first in your chain. Also, how are you powering it? IIRC, it shouldn't be daisy chained with normal effects. Is your guitar volume rolled all the way up?

The Tone Reaper is negative ground, daisy chaining shouldn't have made it explode.
It is the same exact pedal that I tried. I tried adjusting the volume knob on the guitar but that just increases the "boost" of the pedal (i.e. volume just goes up with no discernable fuzz). As for different cables, I tried using it with the 15' instrument cables I have as well as the patch cables in my board set up. The pedal was powered using the BOSS Adapter in store with no problems at all. I can't understand how the pedal would break from plugging it in in the same manner that was used in store, and it worked fine there.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll keep you posted. I was thinking of adjusting the "gain" settings on my amp to see if that helps. And I'll possibly switch it to first in the chain though I am unsure if this will make a difference
Update (if anyone is interested). Took the pedal back to the shop, worked fine. Took back home, still just a clean boost. Took back again with my own cables, works fine. Bought Empress Fuzz instead after returning. Brought home, kind of worked for a second, some feedback, then just clean boost again. However, trying the amp without the fuzz seems to yield nothing. Long story short, amp is dead. If I crank the guitar volume you can hear a very faint sound but mostly just static now. So, I guess I need to drop some money on a new amp (sigh). Thanks for everyone's help!
If it is a tube amp, wouldn't retubing it help?
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Did you try the pedal without any other pedals in your chain through your amp? Because that's the first thing I would do to check if the pedal really works.

But OK, if the amp is dead, whatever, just buy a new amp.
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How much current does it need? What's the current of the power supply you're using as a daisy chain? What's the current draw of the other pedals? It may not be getting enough power to it and that's why it won't work properly. Try using it with a battery or its own power supply.
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