Today I watched a video on youtube where a kid using Guitar Pro 6's MIDI capture feature and and app on his smart phone, was able to record the notes on the screen, in tab form, as he played them. Now before I get any further into this, I would just like to say that I am fully aware of what MIDI is and how it works, and how the person in this video was accomplishing writing his musical score. My question is...How do I hook my actual guitar up to my computer so I can use the MIDI capture feature to write songs? But wait before you answer that, I will tell you that I play through the Digitech RP500, which has USB capabilities. So I am no newbie to hooking my guitar up to my computer, it's just how do I get the MIDI output? Also I have researched a little on MIDI controllers such as YouRock Guitar, which would work, but it's almost like it isn't a real guitar since it lacks strings. So basically like I said before is I am looking for a way to use my real guitar with the Guitar Pro 6 MIDI Capture feature. Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is the link to that YouTube Video

I also found This on Amazon but I don't know if that will do the trick.
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I think the unit you linked will only convert single notes, so it probably wouldn't be a great choice. Buying a guitar with Midi capabilities, or a midi pickup for your current guitar, would probably be your best choice.
Check out MIDI Guitar from Jam Origin. AFAIK, it's still in beta form, but runs as a VST plugin and allows you to use ANY guitar as a MIDI interface.

I tried it out a few months ago and found that while there was a bit of latency (which may have been addressed in the time since), it's very capable and would work perfectly if you're wanting to use it to chart out guitar parts.
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Talk to Graphtech (replaces your current bridge saddles with piezos and gives you control over each string individually).
Talk to the folks at iguitar.com (they can upgrade your current guitar).
Arby911 has the business with the Roland GK3 with a GI-20 interface.
Swap your guitar for one of the Carvins that has the entire interface (and controls) built in -- they have at least eight different models ready to go.

Some of the other solutions can be a bit glitchy or have too much latency, etc.

I don't know what controllers are out there now, but you should probably google the Axon 100 (out of production now, I believe) which had a great interface.
Not sure if you're interested in a solution like this, but the You Rock Guitar controller is pretty cheap.

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The video you linked is using a iphone guitar app.

What you need is a hexphonic pickup for your guitar.
Then that would need to go through a processor.
From there you'd need an interface with a midi in to record it.

None of the old units have good enough tracking really to make complete tabs.
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