What do you guys honestly think of our E.P?

We're influenced by 80's american punk and 70's british punk, as well as some more modern bands.

(incase anyone reading this happens to be - we're from Brighton, England)

You can check it out on any of these pages:



Honestly, If you slowed it down a little bit I would be all for it I think you got a good singer and a good band over all but it sounds like it is a little messy in the mix. Which is okay, alot of people love that, but as far as my opinion goes if it were a little bit slower I would totally love it. But dont get me wrong its good.
I never find bands that are influenced from that time and era but they say they are but then go off and play new crap like Justin Bieber or however you spell his name, lol. Anyway stay true to your style, alot of people (Im sure you know) will tell you change this or do that, dont unless you think its right. But thats what I think of it. Good Job Tho