Ok gents need some help here. I was working on a mod to remove the polarity switch from this old bat and found myself with an entirely different issue. While draining the caps and later while watching my rectifier tube in the moments leading up to ts inevitable death (burning out the filament with molten hot metal spitting all over the inside of the tube.) i came to the conclusion that after about 50 years it's about time to do a recap. I've run into a multitude of problems though. Most importantly the fact that i can't seem to find the caps that are in this baby. The 50 uf (marked as 50 mfd which i assume stands for microfarad.) 150 VDC caps are blistered and one seems to be leaking a bit. There are two. Can't find them, they are film with a yellow cardboard shell. These aren't marked with a brand. Then there are some black cat .1uf 400vdc 10% which i can easily replace but id rather do it with whats already in here. There are 3 of these. Next there are .022 uf 400vdc 10% dubliers which are no longer for sale anywhere... three of these including one smaller one with the same values? This small one is at the 1st stage of the preamp in between the low switch connected to pin two and the second pin on the five pin strip that connects the hi lo boosts to the volume and eventually the second stage of the preamp and the main strips. Theres a Mallory 250uf 15vdc which i havent tried to look for but given what i've seen the values are weird. Here are the hard ones. Two red what look like huge mica caps labeled .0075uf 600vdc 10% are literally impossible to find. What is a safe substitute that won't effect other things (resistors wiring tube choices etc). Finally there are four 470 10% 1kv little orange disc caps that sorta look like orange drops. I guess these are .47uf? or are these .0047uf or .047uf?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated/
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