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This is my first post so be kind!

I've got quite a few gigs ahead of me this summer, some that I'll need to play acoustic guitar for, but in my band I play quite a few instruments, so I need something small to carry... Which is how I found the Little Martin LX1E. The reviews online make it seem pretty good and I've tried a LXK2, which was nice... But my question is...
Is buying the LX1E going to be an upgrade from my yamaha, or not worth the money?
P.s Since i'm gigging I will need the EQ.

the little martin is one of the guitars i recommend for kids, although lots of adults use it as a travel guitars, as its smaller size fits in many airline carryones. it's smaller than a dread, even smaller than a parlor guitar. it sounds good for its size, but i wouldn't think of it as an upgrade for someone who will be playing live.

you might want to try a solid top yamaha fg720, which is acoustic electric and has a cutaway. your current guitar is all laminate, i believe, so this would be a step up.
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Okay thanks, I'll give that a look! Problem is, I'm pretty sure I need a slightly smaller size guitar, but I still need to be able to gig with it.
i'd give up the size restrictions for tonal quality. is that extra cubic foot of space worth the huge sonic difference you'll hear onstage??
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
yes, there's a difference tonally. the little martin is smaller than an 0 sized guitar, and although martin does a pretty good job with the bass - impressive considering its size - and i play guitars similar to the size of the little martin, if it weren't for my shoulder, i'd play a bigger guitar.

one of my favorite slightly smaller guitars is the fender hellcat, but it's sort of bright (surprisingly although i don't like most bright guitars, the tone the mahogany top brings to the hellcat is pretty nice) and the top has a sort of unique look that may not work for everyone http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-tim-armstrong-hellcat-acoustic-electric-guitar/580406

there's also the yamaha FSX700SC. which is a little smaller than a dread, has a solid top, and comes in natural, sandburst, and a pretty decent tobacco-like sunburst

or perhaps you could get a guitar like the epiphone EL-00 (nice sounding, good bass, solid top, a little boxy but pretty nice) or takamine new yorker (more or less 0 sized but with fairly good bass and a nice look) or seagull folk (these are all solid tops with smaller bodies) and have an inexpensive pickup installed. for a little more, the new yorker can be had with pickup installed. i'm trying to stick near the price of the little martin here - if your budget is higher, it would be worth mentioning.

alvarez has an okay parlor in most guitar centers, and recording king makes a solid top parlor (the RP-06) with good sound, and solid top 000 (which sounds a little better - recording king makes great 000s) that should be on your list.
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thanks for the help! In the end I went with a nice electro-acoustic sigma, it has a really nice tone, just the intonation is a little off!