I recently bought some quarter pounders so I figured I may as well buy some high quality pots as well but I don't know a whole lot about pots. Any helpful hints or starting points would be greatly appreciated.
what kind of palm muting is best for metal?
cut off some guys hand and place it under the strings. brutal low end bro.
Well; Duncan recommends their STC-2 or STC-3 tone circuit with those pickups (I assume you are talking about Fender Jazz-type quarter pounders, yes?). That may be a good way to go - replace the whole circuit with the Duncan unit. The tone pot(s) are 100k, but that is an active circuit. If you are sticking with a passive circuit, then you are looking for a 250k tone pot. CTS is highly regarded, as is Bourns. Check out some of the offerings from Stewart-MacDonald or some such parts supplier.
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I got some really nice pots from Carvin on my last overhaul project. Real smooth action, and no noise or anything. Like 5 bucks a piece.
They were smooth shaft, though, so not all knobs worked with them. Had to search for knobs with a set screw 'cause I didn't want to use those little knurled guys.
I used 250k when I put SD Quarter pounders in my my AccuBass. Love the tone. I get the parts from Stewart MacDonald and if you have any questions, they are great. They helped me from start to finish.