So I'm new to circuitry and pedal building but I'm looking to build a drone effects pedal. Any tutorials you guys can hook me up with or tips and tricks? Also this will be my very first project so also general info on pedal building is much appreciated. Thanks!
I am also a newbie to pedal building. I found this site by chance after getting frustrated at the lack of really detailed instructions for a project. They have like three different pedals to build with really well written, step by step instructions. Then you're on your own. I guess if you're interested in doing something really basic before doing your drone, then you could follow one of the projects on there first.

Anyways, you can find the site by googling tonefiend diy club, then go to the first result. Have a look, it'll give you some good info.
The best advice I can give you is:
Start with something REALLY EASY. Like a fuzz or a boost pedal. Even if it's not something you will use. If you pick a project that is too big or difficult, you are just asking for disaster.