I use poems and songs as a release for feelings.
Here`s two of those:

Through my paper and the pen

I am wandering Alone
Like a ghost, wandering around
With no goal.
I see a lot of souls, but they all,
Seem to move so slow.

I don't know where to go,
When hurt is all I know.
What am I heading for?

Not even the stars can tell,
From pride I fell into,
This flaming hell.

Evil spiral, coming down.
Dwelling on my failures,
So Dissapoined.

I haven't figured out,
But numbers, they don't lie.

In my collapsing shell,

Too long I've not felt well.
This is my way of dealing with it,
Through my paper and the pen.


The feelings forever stay.
They are dead memories.
I thought about leaving it all behind.

To forget it, erase it.

Maybe I won't, maybe I may.
The feelings forever stay.

Maybe I will be only be a memory,
I'll go to sleep, so they finally will stop stabbing, you see,
The dead memories are haunting me.

You will probably hear a whisper, from the tree, of
a twinned noose of agony.
We will be sharing our own dead memory, after these years I hope you still will love me.
Count the days, light the candle, count the days that I have been away.
Dissonance is underrated.