I've been playing guitar for years, but I know I'm going to sound like a complete noob here.

I've been looking into the 4 cable method, but I can only find tutorials on how to achieve it though multi-effects pedals. I'm staring at my Boss BCB-60, and thinking "how does it work through this?", considering that I want my modulation pedals to go through the effects loop, and all the others through the front of the amp.

guitar into your first pedal, then from the last pedal you don't want in the loop, into the amp's input.

then for the effects loop, run a cable from 'effects send' into the first pedal you want in your loop, then from the last pedal in your loop, into 'effects return'.
also, your 'out the front' pedals and effects loop pedals aren't connected to each other. think of them as two separate loops.

edit: and the reason you would've only found instructions on multifx pedals is that the term '4 cable method' is specifically reserved for multifx units. usually we just call it running an effects loop.
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The way I do it is:

Guitar > BCB input > Pedals before amp > Amp in

Fx out > Pedals in loop > BCB output > Fx return

Unless you are putting all your effects before the amp there is no way of using solely the Boss input/outputs.
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I see. I was trying to do it using only the inputs/output on the board.


nah, can't work it like that. you can use them for either your effects loop or your out-the-front pedals. not both. you'll have to cable up one set directly to the amp.