hey all,

I have been offered to buy a used fender twin reverb silverface from the 70's for $999

i do not know much about this amp so hopefully you guys can help.
I am a jazz guitarist so a good, strong clean tone is a must. I also often play fusion styles with gain, so i need that channel to have some strength as well. What are your overall thoughts on the amp guys?

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Do you know any of the amp specifics? If it's a pre-1972 Silverface (the one without a master volume) it is a bit more desirable. Those can be easily modded over to pre-CBS Blackface specs, which sound much better IMO.

If it is a master volume Twin, they are still good amps, but to me personally they sound a little flatter in response to the Blackfaces.
For the most part, they're pretty nice. What year is it exactly? $999 is a little steep I'd try to talk it down

Edit: You won't be able to get a lot of gain with the amp (unless you REALLY blast it). I'd look into a BB Preamp or a Zendrive for your overdriven fusion stuff
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It's a great amp, and I'd recommend it, but you can usually find them for cheaper than almost $1000

I see them go in the $500-$700 range all the time on craigslist.