I just got a Morley Little Alligator the other day. It has an issue that never even crossed my mind before - the pedal is worn out. The effect works fine, but it doesn't stay where you leave it. When you put it all the way down in the heel position, if you take your foot off it "sags" to like 10% on.

I can work around this fine - turn it all the way off for my fade out or w/e, then turn my volume knob down, then let it go and turn on my tuner to mute or w/e.

It just kind of sucks that I have to do that, and it doesn't just stay down.
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I had a Crybaby Wah pedal one time that got a ton of mud on it. I took it apart to clean it, and I wiped all the grease off of the gear and shaft. It never stayed up after that, and I never put the grease back on. Maybe your pedal just needs a little lubricant? Might be worth trying, or what diabolical said
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look around the treadle. there might be purchase for an allen key so you can tighten the action.

+1. you can usually tighten it up so it stays put. i've done this with a couple of my wah and expression pedals at times.
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I think the Morley uses an optical eye not a pot.

Yep I checked it has an optical sensor like my bad horsie does. You can try cleaning the eye or tightening it in place. The one good thing about Morleys is there is no pot to go bad.
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